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Harnessing the Energy to Make Change Successful: Best Practices for Building Support for Your Ideas to Drive New Initiatives Forward


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Here Are the Details for This Live Training Webinar

  • When is it? January 21st, 3PM New York (EDT), 12PM Los Angeles (PDT), 7PM London (GMT), 6AM Sydney (AEDT)
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop, desktop, or mobile device
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Rick Maurer, Author, Speaker and Change Management Advisor
  • Why should I be there? If you (or your clients) seem to be doing the right thing, but you struggle to build enough energy to take those ideas to the next level then this webinar is for you. Full details below.

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Best Practices from 25+ Years of Corporate Consulting

"When you understand how to Harness the Energy to Make Change Successful, you unlock unlimited growth potential for your business.

Since the early 90s, I have focused my work on two key questions: Why do people support change? And, why do they resist it? 

In this webinar, I'll be sharing best practices of what's worked and how to fuel your great ideas with momentum that can go the distance. See you there!"

Rick Maurer - Change Management Advisor, Speaker and Author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance


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During This Free Live Training, You Will Learn:

  • Why People Support or Resist Your Ideas. In order to turn more ideas into successful initiatives, you have to understand the mindset of others involved. We’ll show you what makes people resist your great ideas and what gets them behind you all the way.

  • How to Apply The Energy Bar™ to Build Support for Your Ideas. Your #1 business asset in change management is the people on your team. Convert more team members into supporters and you instantly have more people helping you lead the change. We’ll peel back the curtain to show our proven method, The Energy Bar™and how it can help you gain support for your ideas.

  • Ways to Identify Where Energy Often Drops Dangerously Low and How to Avoid Those Traps. Getting them behind your great idea is just the beginning. We’ll give you additional insight into avoiding the energy trap where your project loses so much momentum that it dies.

  • Best Practices for Building Support for Change and Reducing Frustration. How to predict when energy for your plans could drop. And using the Batteries Not Included map, see how to avoid those potential pitfalls well before they ever occur. 

  • About Warning Batteries Not Included, my New In-depth Online Course. An inside look at our new online course called Warning: Batteries Not Included which expands on the ideas covered in this webinar.  
  • Answer Your Questions Live. This is not a pre-recorded training. Join Rick Maurer live this Wednesday and he'll answer your change management questions throughout the presentation.

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are free.